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Experienced in large-scale event cleaning for festivals, sports matches, shows, and community events.
Pre, during, and post-event cleaning, with efficient rubbish removal services.
Quick mobilisation to restore venues and event spaces post flooding, dust storms, vandalism, or any urgent situation.
Event cleaning services

Getting venues back in shape quickly means making a positive impact.

Event cleaning services

Professional Post-Event Cleaning and Rubbish Removal Services


At A&A, we know that after the excitement of hosting event comes the daunting task of cleaning up the aftermath.

Our range of event cleaning services are designed to fit events of all sizes, whether it’s a concert, a wedding, birthday party or business convention. We understand that each event has its unique cleaning needs, and our expert team is well-equipped to handle them. 

From rubbish removal to thorough sanitation of food areas, we follow expert protocols, leaving your space spotless and ready for the next event.

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Is A&A Licensed and Insured?

Absolutely, A&A Cleaning is fully licensed and insured. We understand the importance of trust and reliability when it comes to choosing a cleaning service, which is why we have taken all necessary steps to ensure that our operations are legitimate and secure.

What’s Included in an event cleaning service?

Our event clean service offers a comprehensive solution to ensure the success of your event. We provide a range of essential services to maintain cleanliness and order throughout the event. This includes the presence of rubbish collectors, who will efficiently manage waste disposal and maintain a clean environment. Our dedicated bathroom attendants ensure that restroom facilities are kept spotless and well-stocked for your guests' comfort. Additionally, for hospitality venues seeking extra assistance, we offer a labour hire option. This service provides capable personnel to help manage the cleaning and hospitality aspects of your event seamlessly. 

What types of events do you provide post-event cleaning for?

Our Event Clean service is designed to handle a wide range of events, ensuring that venues remain clean, presentable, and enjoyable for all attendees. This service covers a diverse array of events, including but not limited to concerts, weddings, birthday parties, and business conventions. Specifically, we are the predominant cleaning provider for events hosted by NT Events, such as concerts and major gatherings.

How does A&A handle waste removal after an event?

Whether it's recycling, composting, or general waste, we strictly adhere to the guidelines provided by the event holder/host.

Do you offer post-event cleaning for outdoor events?

Absolutely. Our post-event cleaning service ensures that the outdoor space is thoroughly cleaned and tidied up, ready for the next use. Please note that this service is charged at a labor hire rate.

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